Sierra Components is aware of the expanding problems worldwide with counterfeit components. Even though the majority of the problems with counterfeiting are directed at the package level, with our counterfeit mitigation department SCI has added procedures in order to prevent the possibilities of supplying counterfeit semiconductor parts.

SCI requires on every purchase order, that all suppliers must provide C of C stating that the material supplied is from the original mfg. When requested in advance, the original OEM C of C is supplied.

SCI visually checks all semiconductors, upon receipt for conformity to the customer spec.

SCI also visually inspects and compares the components to the original mfg. data sheet and die layout.

SCI verifies that the components meet all of the physical dimensions based on the OEM data sheet.

SCI also verifies the location as well as the authenticity of the OEM logo where applicable.

Sierra Components is taking strong measures to protect ourselves as well as our customers from the proliferation of counterfeit parts. We are authorized distributors of many major manufacturers and only procure active parts from authorized franchised distributors with complete traceability available upon request in most instances.

SCI stands behind all warranties and will appropriately address any warranty issues that may arise.

SCI does not provide any warranty coverage or other assistance for parts that are from unauthorized sources. SCI is committed to combat this global problem.

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